School Transport


School bus transport is organised and co-ordinated by the School Transport Team at Worcestershire County Council.  Their website contains information in relation to:

  • Applying for school transport (including for Sixth Form students), including eligibility and costs.
    • Students in Years 9-11 who live in the school’s catchment area and live more than three miles from school will be eligible for a pass entitling them to free transport to and from school.
    • NB: There is a cost for school transport for post-16 students and, for public service buses, parents/carers may wish to consult bus operators to see whether cheaper season ticket rates are available.
  • Ordering a replacement travel pass

Any queries or issues in relation to school transport and bus services should be addressed to the School Transport team either via TCLUtransportcommissioning@worcestershire.gov.uk or contact the Hub Service on 01905 765 765.   Please note that School Transport are responsible for co-ordinating and communicating bus routes and schedules and that these may change from time to time.

Mrs S Thomas, Deputy Headteacher, is responsible for liaison with School Transport and for overseeing the arrival and departure of students from school.


Depending on where students live, school transport will be either by dedicated services contracted by the Local Authority, or by scheduled public service buses.

Details of the bus service and timetable will be issued to parents/carers by School Transport when a bus pass is issued.  Details of the latest schedules are provided in the blue box.

School Transport operate a ‘No Pass, No Travel’ system and do undertake period spot checks, and it is therefore essential that students always carry their bus passes with them, as bus operators may refuse to allow anyone without a valid bus pass to board.


Travel to school by bicycle is encouraged and bicycles must be parked in the designated bike shelter on the school site, with non-fixed, detachable accessories being removed for security reasons. School cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, bicycles.

Students are strongly advised to wear a properly fitting helmet and to wear a luminous high visibility armband, coat or vest. They also must have lights on their bicycles if they intend to cycle in the dark or twilight.


Students qualified to drive and wishing to bring a car or motorcycle to the school site must have a registration form signed by their parents/carers. This form is then kept by the Head of Sixth Form or Head of Year 11. Sixth Formers who do bring a car to school must exercise extreme caution when driving on or near the school site and must observe speed limits and direction signs. They must also use the official car parking spaces available on the school site and not park in the local streets.


There is restricted access to the school site, and at peak times there are at least 10 school buses dropping children off in the morning and picking them up again in the evening, as well as staff and Sixth Form students accessing or leaving the school’s car parks.  Therefore, parents/carers using any part of Victoria Avenue, the other nearby side roads, or indeed the school car park, to drop children off in the morning and to pick them up in the evening cause serious problems for the bus drivers, local residents and for the school

Dropping children off before 8.50 am and picking them up after 4pm is not a problem, but otherwise please would parents/carers arrange an alternative pick up/drop off point on Greenhill, well away from the entrance to Victoria Avenue (but ensuring that visibility is not blocked for motorists trying to access Greenhill from other side streets).

If your child has an obvious medical problem which necessitates them being dropped off/picked up at school please contact Mrs Thomas to see if a special arrangement can be put in place.