Last week I visited Mr Freeman, Designated Safeguarding Lead for our regular update meeting. We reviewed and discussed at some length, a training document entitled “Governors’ Responsibilities for Safeguarding Children in Education” that has been produced by Sally Mills, Independent Safeguarding Consultant. Mr Freeman advised me that he would also be discussing this document at the forthcoming Governors’ meeting. On my visit, I also had the opportunity of carrying out a brief audit of the Single Central Register of Appointments which I am pleased to report was in excellent order. 
Thank you to Mr Freeman for making me feel so welcome and for his and his team’s hard work and commitment.
Mrs Clare Rimell
Community Governor
27th March 2019

Please be aware that Prince Henry’s High School has a statutory responsibility to co-operate with other agencies, including Police and Social Care, when there are concerns about the safety and welfare of a child.

Our Safeguarding Team:

Mr B Freeman
(Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs N Barker
(Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs C Rimell
(Safeguarding Governor)

Mrs C Webb
(DSL Trained)

Mrs S Thomas
(Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs H Wood
(DSL Trained)

Dr A Evans
(DSL Trained)

SAFEGUARDING UPDATE – 28th November 2018

On Wednesday 28th November 2018 the school welcomed Denise Hannibal (Education Advisor) for the Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB) who carried out a full audit on the schools safeguarding procedures and policies.

A selection of Denise Hannibal’s comments are included below.

“The school has an ethos and culture of safeguarding.”

“On reviewing the self-assessment, auditing the Single Central Record (SCR), staff files and Child Protection files, the policies and procedures at Prince Henry High School are very effective. The staff files are in excellent order. The SCR is very effective and up to date.”

“The work that Mr Freeman has implemented since taking up the post of DSL is exemplary.  The school has a full safeguarding team which covers all year’s groups including the 6th form students.”

“The schools safeguarding systems ensure all pupils are safe and feel safe, the Safeguarding Governor (Mrs Rimell) reviews the safeguarding systems and checks the SCR, with additional checks on staff files which have been logged”.

Mr Freeman
Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead
28th November 2018

SAFEGUARDING UPDATE – 15th October 2018

The start of this year has been a busy time updating staff on the safeguarding changes brought in by the government over the summer break.  The updated version of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ was issued in September 2018 and the Safeguarding Team and I have incorporated this into the updated school safeguarding policy and staff training. As DSL I have met with and updated the Governors of these key changes through the Full Board and dedicated Committee meetings.  The school has submitted to Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board its school safeguarding report of 2017-18 and a full self-audit in good time and in full.  As DSL I have also recently met with Mrs Rimell to keep her updated on all the safeguarding aspects of school life.

Mr Freeman
Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

SAFEGUARDING UPDATE – 3rd October 2017

On Tuesday 3rd October Mrs Sally Mills (Safeguarding Consultant), at the request of the school, carried out a full day audit of the school safeguarding procedures and practises. Mrs Mills spoke to a range of people including the Headteacher, members of the senior team, teachers, staff from the site team and a range of students. The feedback from this audit was very positive.

SAFEGUARDING TRAINING – 7th September 2017

On Thursday 7th September, we were pleased to welcome Sally Mills back to Prince Henry’s to deliver a comprehensive safeguarding training session for our new Teacher trainees and other members of staff who have recently joined the school or were unable to attend the training session she delivered on 17th February.

This training session forms part of a wider safeguarding package, delivered by the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Freeman and his Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, Mrs Barker and Mrs Thomas.  

The safeguarding of students is the key priority for all staff at the school and the high level training provided by Mrs Mills is indicative of the importance that the whole school staff places upon the safety and welfare of the students in its care.


On Wednesday 1st March Dr Evans, Mr Freeman and the school’s HR Manager/Head’s PA Mrs Bradley attended a safeguarding training course being run by Worcestershire County Council about the OFSTED requirements for schools.  The course was held at the Worcester Warriors’ stadium.  The training was well attended by schools from across the county with a full range of different educational settings being represented. 

SAFEGUARDING TRAINING – 17th February 2017

On Friday 17th February the school staff received a comprehensive safeguarding update from Mrs Sally Mills, the former Senior Advisor to the Worcestershire Safeguarding Children’s Board.


Prince Henry’s Safeguarding Policy (2019)

Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019)

Government Social Media Guidance