Personal, Social Health & Relationships Education


Within each academic year, students are given the opportunity to engage with and consider a wide variety of topics and issues which contribute to their personal and interpersonal welfare and development. The curriculum reflects the 2020 Statutory Framework which we have implemented with great success as early adopters.

Staff within the department ensure that the areas of the curriculum are taught with sensitivity, care and consideration, giving students time to engage and discuss all aspects thoughtfully and respectfully within a positive learning environment. Some topics will also be addressed through other mediums such as assemblies, and other subject areas.

In year 9 students have one exclusive lesson of PSHRE per fortnight, this is built upon in year 10 and 11 again with one lesson per fortnight on a carousel basis.

Here at Prince Henry’s we believe that a holistic approach is essential to enabling students to grow emotionally, culturally morally and physically developing in to respectful, independent and empathetic young people equipped with skills for the next stages of their personal journey.
The Personal, Social Moral and Cultural development of students at Prince Henry’s is an area of focus that gives us our foundation and lies within our ethos. It is embedded within our whole approach to teaching and learning and all that goes on here within school life.

PSHRE at Prince Henry’s enables students to develop knowledge skills and values to help keep themselves healthy and safe in an ever changing and demanding society. It encourages students to actively and positively participate in their local community in the knowledge that they can make a difference.

Through the curriculum both at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, students are given opportunities to engage with and explore difficult thought provoking issues with lessons themselves enabling students to develop respectful discussion skills; allowing them to ask questions and share their opinions whilst at the same time being respectful and mindful of the views of others. Giving students such time and a safe environment to explore personal and social issues is invaluable. It may be the only opportunity they have to take time out to reflect on their own opinions on themselves, their aspirations and hopes as young people.


The topics they engage with during lessons may be something of significance now or it may be something that they can consider at a later stage. The relevance of the material being studied will be ongoing but as they have been given the opportunity to explore it they will feel a sense of confidence that they can deal with and manage any similar situations.

The programme of study here includes such units as:

    • Welfare in the Wider World (including Cyber Safety, Knife Crime and Being an Upstander)
    • Social and Personal Welfare (including Drug Awareness and Gambling)
    • Careers (including challenging stereotypes)
    • SRE (including Healthy Relationships, Consent, Grooming Contraception and STI’s.)
    • Emotional wellbeing (including the importance of sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle)

    • Healthy Choices and Physical Welfare (including Sexual Exploitation, Peer Pressure Alcohol abuse and Knife Crime) 
    • Emotional Well Being (Including Managing Emotions, Mindfulness and Healthy Lifestyles.)
    • Citizenship/IT (Opportunities to develop exam skills and revision)
    • Careers (including Next Steps, Application Forms, Interview Techniques)
    • RSE (including Families, Teen Parenthood, Transgender and FGM) 

    • RSE (including Coercion Abusive Relationships Consent and Rape.)
    • Citizenship (including Extremism)
    • Ethics (Including Genetic Engineering and the Abortion Debate)
    • Philosophy (including an exploration of Freewill)
    • Careers (including Finances, CV’s and Problem Solving.)


Besides the curriculum and learning that takes place in the classroom, students at Prince Henry’s have always been encouraged to take part in learning opportunities outside of the classroom and their personal achievements here are vast. The work carried out through our strong links with the Rotary Club and our Interact charity group highlight how much a part of the local community our students feel and how much they want to contribute.

Our many other varied opportunities and activities include the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise group, theatrical productions, Music tours, PE fixtures and much more. These activities and opportunities enable students to develop different sets of attributes and skills whilst simultaneously allowing them to demonstrate the core values of Teamwork Respect, Tolerance, Patience, Independence and Empathy.

It is a joy and a pleasure to see each individual student flourish and blossom within their chosen activity, knowing they have gained personal fulfilment from their experiences, and that they play an invaluable role not only within the life of the school but the wider community also.

Prince Henry’s celebrates students’ achievements and success in whatever format this may take in the knowledge that it has contributed to their personal social and emotional development which lies at the heart of all that we do.

July 2020