Computer Resources & E-Safety


For several years students at Prince Henry’s have enjoyed access to excellent Information Technology facilities. Each year including this summer we have extended our facilities significantly, upgrading existing hardware and accelerating our programme to make computers available in areas of the school other than the IT suite.

We now have over 450 computers available to students which give fast broadband access to the Internet and well over 100 other software applications. The vast resources provided by the Internet offer very exciting educational opportunities for all our students.


At Prince Henry’s, we take the issue of e-safety for students very seriously. The Internet is fast becoming an essential part of everyday life. The majority of students are competent users of a variety of online tools including gaming and social networking sites such as Facebook, and devices including smart phones and iPads.

As both parents and students need to be more aware of potential issues, please see the links in the blue box to a range of resources which will provide important information and helpful tips on helping your children stay safe online and provide you as parents with information on what you can do to protect your children whilst still allowing them to enjoy the vast resources that are on the internet.


During the course of the school year photographs or video footage of students may be taken by the school or the press with official school permission.  The purposes of this may vary, for example: video analysis to improve pupil performance in PE; for use in promotional material about the school; for internal school notice boards; for official videos of school events; for newspaper coverage of school events/achievement; for use on the school website, magazine and newsletters; and for standard school photographs of pupils/classes.

For more information on Data Protection in relation to photography and filming in school, please see our photography and filming policy found on our General Information page.