At Prince Henry’s we believe that all teaching and learning support staff are “teachers of literacy”.
Literacy is explicitly defined as reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is vital that all subject teachers emphasise the importance of explicitly teaching and providing opportunities for speaking and listening skills alongside reading and writing.

We support students with their reading by:
– Ensuring students have opportunities to extend their reading for pleasure through LRC liaison in Year 9
– Promote and recommend private reading for pleasure through tutor time; LRC lessons and recommended reading lists on PHHSlive
– Every tutor group having one tutor time per week dedicated to reading for pleasure throughout Years 9, 10 & 11
– Supporting students to skim and scan when reading in every subject
– Using data from Reading and Spelling assessments which take place in the Autumn term of Year 9 to identify students with a reading age of 11 years or under to take part in the Reading Buddies programme in the LRC or the Brilliant Books programme
– Providing Literacy support for struggling readers through the Learning Support department’s Literacy Support sessions in Year 9, Literacy Plus in Years 10 & 11 and/ or the IDL scheme

We support students with their writing by:
– Identifying the “key words with clout” for every scheme of work/topic and ensuring they are available either as a list for exercise books or a classroom display/word wall
– Supporting students with the use of accurate SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)
– Rewarding high standards of presentation in exercise books
– Incorporating an addition Literacy target to the “Next” target when marking students’ work which is based on the Literacy bookmark banner displayed in every classroom
– Promoting strategies in every subject to encourage and support students who struggle to write
– Providing Literacy support for struggling writers through the Learning Support department (as for reading)

We support students with their speaking and listening by:
– Encouraging them to problem-solve and work together in pairs or groups in our schemes of work
– Providing a wide range of speaking and listening activities in lessons to promote class discussion
– Encouraging students to listen attentively to their peers and use questioning to clarify and take ownership of ideas
– Every tutor group having one tutor time per term dedicated to a student-led paired presentation on a theme/topic/hobby/current issue of the student’s own choice