ICT, Computing & Media


The ICT department comprises of four specialist ICT/Computing teachers and three technicians. Students have the opportunity to follow a range of vocational and traditional courses using up to date technology and industry standard software in 14 computer rooms including a specialist Apple Media suite.


Pupils who choose to follow the ICT route in Year 9 will complete the OCR Cambridge National Level 1/2 in Information Technologies.  This is a vocational course which aims to give our pupils the skills and knowledge they need to gain a real understanding of their digital environment, develop key skills, and prepare them for their future use of IT in their chosen careers across a wide range of job roles. The course is assessed through an external examination (50%) in January of Year 10 and an examination board set coursework project (50%).


There are a number of different opportunities for students to opt to further their study during Years 10 & 11. These include iMedia and Computer Science.

GCSE Computing has been designed to introduce pupils to computation and problem solving using computers. The course will develop pupils understanding of current and emerging technologies and how they work as well as the use of algorithms in computer programs and solving problems using programming.

Students who have an interest in the media, gaming or demonstrate artistic flair have the opportunity to study the Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Award in iMedia. The emphasis of this course is on Digital Photography and Video Production, lessons are taught in our specialist Mac suite. Students choose one of two routes either Photography and Video Production or Game Design. The units which students study are based on their pathway choice.


Three courses are offered at A Level; GCE Computer Science, Btec National Extended Certificate in IT, BTEC National Extended Certificate in Digital Games Production and Cambridge Technical Foundation Diploma in Digital Media.

Advanced Level Computer Science aims to provide an understanding of the more scientific principles of information management, communication and computers. It covers the theoretical aspects of hardware and software and includes an element of computer programming. Students follow the AQA specification and complete four units over two years, one of which is coursework based.

In IT, pupils will choose a strand to follow.  Those who choose to follow a traditional IT route will complete the BTEC  IT (2016) is a vocational qualification which is designed to further students understanding of the IT industries.  Students complete four units of work (Creating Systems to Manage Information, Social Media in Business, Data Modelling and Information Technology Systems).  The course is 75% external and 25% internal assessment. This is equivalent to 1 A Level.

Pupils who wish to gain a better understanding of the gaming industry can choose to follow the BTEC Digital Games Production.  This is a 100% coursework with a focus on Game Design, Production and Testing using industry standard software for Gaming and App production. This is equivalent to 1 A Level.

Cambridge Technical in Digital Media (2016) is a vocational qualification.  This is designed to enable students to study of the principles, knowledge and skills of the Media industry to a higher level.  Students complete eight units of work which cover a wide range of topics and achieve the equivalent of 1.5 A Levels.

We also offer an elective in Advanced ECDL which is designed to improve Office Software skills and attracts 40 UCAS points.


Working with the Science and Technology departments, students in Year 9 complete a robotics project to produce a working fairground ride.


Programming club, retro gaming club and coursework support are offered by the department.

July 2020