Homework: Business & Economics


Each week students will be set homework using Show My Homework. Typically the objective of these tasks is to re-enforce knowledge and aid the process of transferring that knowledge to long term memory. Tasks will vary from learning key terms, to online exercises and tasks as part of larger project work.

On average there will be half an hour homework each week.


Work will be set for students after each lesson using Show My Homework. This is to be undertaken during Private Study and, if not completed in Private Study, at home. Tasks will vary but there will be an emphasis on students applying concepts learned in class to real life business situations.

At least two substantive pieces of work per week plus reading research and note taking.

Sixth Form Private Study Tasks
In addition to the tasks set in lessons, the Department have created a list of Private Study tasks. These are to be completed in addition to homework as they are designed to promote broader reading in the subject.