Examinations Information

Autumn 2020 Timetables

External Exam timetables for students wanting to sit examinations postponed in June 2020.

GCSE Autumn Timetable

A Level Autumn Timetable

Summer 2020 exam update letter to parents


Please read the attached letter if your son/daughter will be taking examinations during the Summer of 2020. The letter will also be sent out to all parents/carers at the start of year 11, September 2019

All students taking exams must be available to attend school up until Wednesday 24th June 2020, if called upon by the Examination boards

Exams contingency letter June 2020


You can find all the latest information for examinations at Prince Henry’s including internal examinations, revision planners, guides and related letters. Please click on the appropriate year links to view exam timetables.


PHHS Live is our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is available to all students at Prince Henry’s. Students can access this resource in school and from home to aid their general class work, homework and revision for Exams. PHHS Live can be accessed from the footer of every page on this website, or the link on the menu to the left.


Prince Henry’s High School candidate handbook 2019-20


Please click the links below to view a number of important rules and guidelines issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) on behalf of the examination boards, as well as important guidance from the school

No Mobile Phones Poster 2019-20

Warning to Candidates 2019-20

Information for candidates – onscreen tests 2019-20

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice 2019-20

Information for candidates – social media 2019-20

Information for candidates – written exams 2019-20

Information for candidates_coursework 2019-20

Information for candidates _ NEA 2019-20


1. Prince Henry’s Exam contingency plan 2019-20

2. Prince Henry’s Exams policy 2019-20

3.Prince Henry’s late & absent candidates policy 2019-20

4. Prince Henry’s Disability policy (exams) 2019-20

5. Prince Henry’s Non-examination-assessment-policy 2019-20

6a. Prince Henry’s Emergency evacuation policy (exams) 2019-20

6b. Prince Henry’s Lockdown policy (exams) 2019-20

7. Prince Henry’s Internal appeals procedures 2019-20

8. Prince Henry’s Word Processor statement 2019-20

9. Prince Henry’s complaints and appeals procedure (exams) 2019-20

10. Prince Henrys Access arrangements policy 2019-20

Safeguarding Children Policy – Sept 2019

Prince Henry’s GDPR policy (exams) 2018-19

Prince Henry’s Equality Policy – March 2017   

Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Process