Careers & Enterprise


Our target at Prince Henry’s High School is to ensure that students receive their entitlement to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and Careers Education that is

  • Independent and impartial
  • Is accessible and free of charge
  • Is based on the principle of equality of opportunity
  • Is structured and forms an integral part of students’ overall education
  • Recognises the contribution of students to their own career development
  • Respectful of the confidentiality of personal information

Students attending Prince Henry’s High School will be entitled to

  • A structured programme of CEIAG through the tutor programme and PHSE lessons
  • One to one guidance with a personal advisor, mentor or teacher
  • Contact with the world of work through participation in work experience, Destination Days and other planned activities such as the biennial Careers Fair.


At Key Stage 3 pupils are introduced to careers by investigating the world of work and preparing to make choices. They will be prepared for their option choices through the tutor programme and their dedicated PHSE lessons. Students also have access to Mrs Watson our independent careers advisor. By the end of Year 9 the students will have completed a programme of self-awareness including the use of Morrisby, an online investigative tool. This together with their PSHE lessons will form the start of their investigation of the world of work. Issues such as stereotyping will be considered.


At Key Stage 4 pupils cover employability skills with Year 10 focusing upon search and application procedures as part of the PSHE programme. All Year 10 students will have contact with a range of employers as part of the Destinations Day.

Students in Year 11 will look at the job market and the changing world of work together with the financial aspects of working. Students will also undertake a period of Work Experience during Year 11.

All Year 11 students are offered a one to one career meeting with Mrs Watson to discuss the education options post-Year 11.


At Key Stage 5 pupils will undertake a comprehensive programme of CEIAG delivered through the tutor programme and dedicated lessons. The support will include advice on university choices, in terms of both degree and location and the workings of the UCAS system; apprenticeship vacancies and application procedures and application for jobs. Students also undertake a period of work experience in Year 12 as well as a Next Step conference and university campus visits. There will also be a range of speakers as part of the Education Advice and Guidance programme. Support will be given in submitting an appropriate application in line with the student’s choice of destination.

All students will be supported by the Head of Careers, the pastoral team including tutors and the Independent Careers Advisor where 1:1 sessions can be arranged. All Year 11 students will have a 1:1 interview with Mrs Z Watson. Mrs Watson is available to all students and her office is located in the main school building.

Students will be familiar with Mrs Watson as a result of appointments during Key Stage 4.

Prince Henry’s also has the services of a volunteer Business Enterprise Advisor, through the Worcestershire Careers and Enterprise Company and this is aimed at developing the links between schools and business to help widen the opportunities for our students in the world of work.