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The Art and Design curriculum aims to provide students from Year 9 to Year 13 with a variety of experiences that allow them to be expressive, creative, think for themselves and make independent decisions about the direction of their work.  At the centre of the curriculum is the belief that all children are artists and designers, and they can develop, grow and learn.  Creative problem solving and creative risk taking are promoted throughout, as is the importance of reflecting on and evaluating work in order to plan for progression.  The curriculum allows students to build core skills, develop areas of interest to them and explore a wide variety of issues and ideas.  An understanding of the importance of promoting resilience, resourcefulness and an ability to reflect and refine also underpins the curriculum.

Year 9: 2 lesson per fortnight.

In Art and Design students complete 3 units of work.  Unit 1 is an observational studies based unit focusing on building experiences from Middle School and developing key drawing, painting, research and development skills.  Unit 2 is a sculpture based project.  This unit aims to utilise the core skills developed in Unit 1 whilst introducing 3d construction skills.  Students have greater freedom over the direction of their work and work towards developing a card sculpture.  Unit 3 is structured as a series of workshops. This unit is intended to extend students’ appreciation of the breadth of Art and Design.  .

In Textile Design students complete one main unit.  In this unit students explore organic or manmade forms and look at how designers are inspired by the world around them.  Students develop 2d and 3d work and explore garment design.

Creative Bursts tasks are built into the year as part of the whole school Super Curriculum initiative.  They are intended to offer students a chance to explore and be creative outside the confines of the project journey.

GCSE:  5 lessons per fortnight.

Year 10 Fine Art covers 2 coursework projects.  The Autumn term Closely Observed project introduces students to the course and related assessment objectives.  Students build core drawing and painting skills that they will utilise in future projects.  Unit 2, Layers in the Landscape, gives students more freedom to explore their own ideas and build on skills developed in project 1.

Year 10 Textiles Design covers 2 coursework projects.  The first unit, Observational Textiles, introduces students to a range of textile techniques.  Students work from observation and develop a 2D final piece based on their investigations.  The second project is a 3d Millinery project where students extend their skills by looking at 3d construction methods.

In Year 11 Fine Art and Textile Design students prepare and sit a Mock Exam in the Autumn term.  .  From mid January students work on the Externally Set Assignment which culminates in a supervised 10 hour session after Easter.

A-Level:  9 taught lessons per fortnight.

Year 12 Fine Art and Textile Design students work on a thematic project from September to mid-February.  Students start the project with a series of skills workshops and then conduct a personal project based on the theme.  Year 12 start preparation for the A-Level coursework unit (Component 1) during the Spring term.  Students work on the artist/designer investigation section of this unit in the Spring/Summer term.

In Year 13 Fine Art and Textile Design students complete their Component 1.  This includes the development of a personal project, based on findings from the artist/designer investigation, and completion of the 3,000 word illustrated essay.

From 1st February students start preparation for their Externally Set Assignment.  This culminates in a 15 hour supervised session just after Easter


Head of Art & Design: Mrs J Aitken
Teacher of Art & Design/Textiles Subject Leader: Mrs C Parker-Winters
Teacher of Art & Design:

Teacher of Art & Design / Textile Subject Leader (Maternity Cover):

Miss J Hack

Miss L Salter

July 2019