Outstanding Style


This year Interact bought fashion to the Prince Henry’s stage, organising an evening of fashion, music and charity fun. The aim for the evening was to raise funds for the international charity of Make A Wish Foundation, and the local organisation of Working World.  With support from students and teachers, Interact managed to raise over £440 for the charities which hold a close place to the hearts of many. 

The evening of sparkles, glamour, and sophistication kicked off with a vintage collection, followed by the genius musical talents of a student band known as The Harts. Their indie style fitted the night’s atmosphere perfectly, stirring up the crowd and giving a buzz to both the audience and the models. Prince Henry’s very own Gok Wann (James Colby) took to the floor several times during the evening,  playing a role of a fashion guru, transforming two busy and stressed year 11s into prom princes and princesses. The comedic value of James’ humour struck a chord with the audience, and by the end of their act the audience was feeling excited and ready to see the models in the next clothing line.  Festival, grunge, going out and prom were the four other styles which our models epitomised as they strutted down the catwalk, framed by a dazzled audience.  

During the interval, Interact took to selling the clothes which had been so beautifully modelled. All clothing had been either donated from students and teachers, or sourced from the local charity shops. The clothes sales were a huge success, and many bought our vintage gems as a result of the inspiring outfits worn during the first half of the show. Pre-loved Bridal Boutique of Harvington also joined in with the selling on the night, and one of Interacts’ own models wore one of their stunning Cinderella prom dresses through the admiring crowd in the second half.

The second half kicked off with another incredible song from The Harts, and was followed by the Interact Raffle. Members of the team had been out to the community to source many incredible prizes for the raffle, and had gained an incredible response. As a result, many members of the audience left at the end of the night with great prizes, including a free meal for 2 at the Northwick hotel, a free days membership at the leisure centre, Easter hampers, and an iPod Shuffle.

After the models had shown off the clothes collections, they all collated at the end of the catwalk to give one big finale to the beat given by the fantastic DJ on the night. All the way through the event the effort from technicians, models, musicians and back stage crew had been flawless, and gave way to a spectacular event. Interact would therefore like to thank anyone who came or helped make the night such a huge success.

Photography by Emma Jaura