Year 11 Rewards Tea Party


On Wednesday 6th April, some of our Year 11 students were congratulated by Dr Evans and the Senior Team for their hard work and achievements at Prince Henry’s. Students discussed their thoughts about the school and their aspirations for the future, including Prince Henry’s Sixth Form.

Jessica Williams 11M
Josie Eames 11W
Alyssa Croft 11C
Emma Field 11W
Sadie Ellis 11M
Mia Barnett 11L
Holly Beasley 11M
Ieva Suta 11D
Mia Morrow 11B
Jessica Harding 11L
Poppy James 11O
Scarlett Griffiths 11M
Noah Granacki 11O
Noah Kear-Bertie 11M
Alexander O’Reilly 11L
William Gibbs 11B
Tom Smith 11G
Lucas De Sousa 11O
Isaiah Evershed 11C
Ben Davies 11W
Harry Eldershaw 11H
Dylan Ferris 11O
Mikolaj Skibinski 11F
Mason Rimmer 11L