Headteacher’s Year 10 Rewards Tea Party

On Friday, 25th March, some of our Year 10 students were congratulated by Mr Freeman and the Senior Team for their hard work and achievements at Prince Henry’s. Students discussed their thoughts about the school and their aspirations for the future, including Prince Henry’s Sixth Form.

Oliwia Sarata
Jack Freaney
Fleur Archer
Loius Garratt
Scarlett Sealey-Wade
Macy McDonald
James Dare
Ellen Hewitt
Lily Egan
Will O’Brian
Dylan Fry
Lily Nightingale
Lowan Cummins
Patrick Coates
Nyah Anderson
Greg Rose
Caitlin Snell
Finn Warren
Gery Valkanova
Nathan Wall
Lola Gliddon
Levi See
Amelia Fendall
Ronald Eames