Working World Visit


On Wednesday 17th November Interact invited Working World, a local charity, to join us for an afternoon of IT and games. We set up Scratch for the Interactors to teach Working World clients a bit about coding and how games are made. We also planned to play the Retro-computer games Mario Kart and Tetris for quick thinking and coordination, and Battleships and Connect4 for strategy and learning coordinates

At the end of the activities, we had all learned some basic coding. We finished with an informal awards ceremony. Certificates had been designed before the event for the clients to take with them to remember their afternoon with us. Interact very much enjoyed hosting a Working World activity; meeting the clients and making friends was fun and we are hoping to spend more time with them in the future.  

Emma Hanlon (Year 13) 
PHHS Interact 

I really enjoyed today. I made a new friend and learnt how do code too.

Josephine Eames Year 11 

Taking part in working world was great fun and a very rewarding experience. Della, my Working World buddy, and I nailed programming on scratch and I had a really lovely time. 

Olivia Cassey Year 12 

A fantastic afternoon filled with fun, laughter and warmth. Working World were an exceptional group of lovely people I’d love to work with them all again 🙂 

Lea Kaneva Year 12 

I really enjoyed seeing the clients from Working World getting excited about the retro games and playing the battleships and connect4 together. It was fun.  

Megan Belcher Year 13