Governor Visit (Religious Studies)

Governor Visit:  Religious Studies

I always enjoy being able to undertake visits to Prince Henry’s in my role as Link Governor for the Religious Studies Department.

Even before I undertook this particular visit during the Autumn Term, I knew that things would not be the same due to the constraints placed upon staff and students in this period of Covid-19 safety measures. However, everywhere I went, I was pleasantly surprised by the careful and diligent way in which everyone I saw on my visit appeared to take care to be aware of others and to do their best to ensure one another’s safety.

I was met by the Head of Religious Studies, Mrs Short and we walked down to where the RS lessons take place. I had asked to visit Yr 12 and Yr 13 lessons in particular, to see how the students were coping with the new arrangements and the challenges they faced having been out of school for much of the Spring Term. 

I was warmly welcomed by the students and enjoyed being able to both see the lessons, and at times, join in with them as they explored philosophical issues. The students proved to be thoughtful, inquisitive, and reflective. They asked searching questions and discussed topics with one another in respectful ways. They demonstrated their maturity as they listened carefully and pondered their responses. The lessons were interesting and engaging and I am reassured that Religious Studies provides a necessary opportunity for students to explore some of the most challenging issues of the day, through reflecting on the ways in which women and men down the ages have asked and answered similar questions.

Rev Dr Edward Pillar, Community Governor
March 2021