Governor Visit

Governor Visit:  Science, DT and DT Food and Health & Social Care

As Link Governor for the Science, D&T and Food and Health & Social Care Departments, I endeavour to visit the departments at least once in each academic year, to meet with the Heads of Department and drop in to see some lessons. During the Autumn Term I was able to meet with Mrs Fisher, Mrs Cox and Mrs Kelly, however of course it was not possible to visit any lessons. Whilst in some ways the school was a very different place with the social distancing and Covid-19 additional safety measures in operation, in many other ways it felt like “business as usual”. The students were moving about the school sensibly and were being considerate to each other. Within the classrooms, with doors and windows open, I observed that students were engaged with their learning, as always. The Heads of Department explained to me the various modifications they have introduced, and how they are having to be flexible in the constantly changing circumstances. Whilst there are challenges, in particular with the practical element to these subjects, creative ways are being found to ensure our students continue to learn as much as is possible. In fact, Mrs Fisher explained there were actually some positive learnings coming from the new ways of working.

Overall, I came away from each meeting with a feeling that the school environment is about the most normal place to be right now. Many thanks to the staff for the warm welcome I received, and I hope to be able to be able to resume full visits in the next academic year.

Mrs Ginny Getting, Parent Governor
March 2021