Interact Sponsors Student in Laos

Prince Henry’s Interact Sponsor Student in Laos

We are delighted to announce our Prince Henry’s Interact team, along with students and staff from the school community have raised funds to sponsor a student in Laos with their university studies.

Suphansar has wrote a letter to the students, thanking them for their kind generosity which you can see below.

Suphansar has kindly translated the letter into English for us as well and reads:

Dear students of Prince Henry’s,
My name is Suphansar, I am 18 years and studying at the National University of Laos in the Faculty of Social Science. My family has four people, I have a younger brother, his name is Paramy, he is studying at high school. My parents are workers, they work very hard for me. I got news from Avryl that all of you had raised the money for my education. I am very appreciative and would like to say thank you very much for your help and promise to do my best for my studying and will keep this chance in my heart forever.
Best wishes

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful cause.