New Senior Prefects


We are very pleased to announce our new team of Senior Prefects elected from the current Year 12.  Just before we moved to distance learning, all of Year 12 and the staff submitted their votes and we are really happy that the result of the election can be announced.  There are 36 new Senior Prefects and they are all to be congratulated on having been elected, a fantastic achievement.

Mrs Webb, Head of Sixth Form, said ‘I am absolutely delighted with the choice of Senior Prefects; they are a marvellous group of young people and I am very much looking forward to working with them over the coming year.’  Later this week Dr Evans and Mrs Webb will be having an online meeting with the newly elected Senior Prefects to congratulate them and to wish them well as they embark upon their duties.

Very well done to our new prefects:

Sebastian Banfield
Lauren Cooper
Nathaniel Durrant
Isabella Ealey
Ella Edwards
Connor Ellis
Lauren Farey
Nicole Franklin
Lorella Gasparro
Alexander Gough
Thomas Gough
Katie Ham
Imogen Harper
Lily Hartland
Simon Haynes
Susannah Hoare
Lily James
Christian Lewis
Jack Lowerson
Lily Marsh
Emily O’Gorman
Archie Organ
Olivia O’Sullivan
Agata Polska
Jacob Pye
William Relf
Katherine Rooney
Thomas Rowland
Kate Sanderson
Jamie Sharp
George Shough
Harvey Sparrow
Mei Spice
Lara Sutton
Ellie Whiteley
Ciaran Wright