PHHS: Acts of Music


Our Music students are helping us to add colour to our rainbow by sending us videos and audio clips of their musical talents! We thought we would share these with you via our website. Please keep checking back to see more performances as they are added.

We would be delighted if you could make a small donation to help to add colour to our rainbow and build up our pot of gold in support of the Friends of Evesham Community Hospital if you have enjoyed their performances.

Thank you to all our talented students who are sending in their performances.

16th June 2020:

15th June 2020:

12th June 2020:

11th June 2020:

10th June 2020:

9th June 2020:

8th June 2020:

5th June 2020:

4th June 2020:

3rd June 2020:

2nd June 2020:

1st June 2020:

22nd May 2020:

21st May 2020:

20th May 2020:

19th May 2020:

18th May 2020:

15th May 2020:

14th May 2020:

13th May 2020:

12th May 2020 (VE Day Special):
These performances were sent in over the weekend in connection with VE Day celebrations.

11th May 2020:

7th May 2020:

6th May 2020:

5th May 2020:

4th May 2020:

1st May 2020:

30th April 2020: