PHHS: Acts of Kindness

20th May 2020:
Kiaragh in Year 10 is making washable masks for nursing staff and people in the local community as well as for the homeless in Worcester as ‘Soulfood’ is temporarily suspended.

16th May 2020:
Eva in Year 9 has created a small low priced baking business and delivering items for people in need all around our village trying to bring some light and support at this point in time. She has been giving up her free time to bring a simile and to show everyone there is someone thinking about you and she is here to support you.

14th May 2020:
Jessica in Year 10 has collected donations of reusable nappies to make kits for people who live nearby who were struggling to find nappies in the shops. So far the ‘nappy bank’ has helped 9 families 🙂

13th May 2020:

A big well done to Miss Hack, Mrs Fenney, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Lacey and of course Mrs Kelly and everyone else in her team. We had this message sent in to us from the ward supporting COVID-19 patients at Gloucester Royal Hospital:

Please can you pass on a huge thank you to your talented sewers! The headbands are ace and very much appreciated by all on the frontline in AMU at GRH, it’s been a tough couple of months and they arrived at a perfect time for everyone to cheer them up and give a much-needed boost! Thank you so much, take care and please stay safe, lots of love and thanks 😊🌈🦠x

From everyone at Prince Henry’s, you are very welcome and please stay safe.

Ellie in Year 9 has been helping to make scrub bags for the NHS.

Nicola has been making scrub bags for the NHS and care workers.

11th May 2020:
Emma in Year 9 wrote a letter and made a card for a lady celebrating her 100th birthday in a care home.

6th May 2020:
Mrs Fenney has been busy making scrub bags for NHS and care workers

Photo sent in from Julie at Evesham Hospital wearing one of 94 face shields delivered by Mrs Tranter. Julie says a big thank you to everyone involved in making PPE for the NHS and care homes.

5th May 2020:
Update from Mrs Kelly and her production team!
143 Scrub Bags
Over 250 Ear Tension Relievers
35 Face Shields and another 40 already cut.

Photo below from Yates Court who has received some of the visors made by Mrs Kelly’s team. This is fantastic work and well done to everyone involved!

Miss Howe’s mum has been making scrub bags to support local hospitals and care homes.

Mrs Dziczkaniece has delivered face shields to Commit2Care, and here is Hanna (who left Prince Henry’s last year) and her colleague with the new masks!

Mrs Fordham has made some bags as well!

Celyn in Y10 has helped his Dad to run #Hometasking from “The Taskmaster” to keep up morale. His extended family submit videos in response to Alex Horne’s weekly YouTube challenges, and Celyn’s are a highlight for their inventiveness and his video editing skills. This week Celyn enlisted his Grandma in Wales, teaching her how to use FaceTime, how to record a video and how to share it successfully.

4th May 2020:
More photos from Mr and Mrs Kelly!

Photo from Mrs Lacey working hard on making headbands!

As promised, a photo of Mrs Oliver making Scrub bags for the NHS!

Mrs Shephard has been making scrub bags for Mrs Kelly’s project.

1st May 2020:
Mrs Kelly and her team have been making visors for local hospitals and care homes. Mrs Dziczkaniece has been delivering them to care homes.

Mrs Oliver has been making Scrub bags for the NHS! Photo to follow!

Miss Hack has been making headbands to support local NHS nurses looking after COVID-19 patients.

30th April 2020:
Liam in Year 9 has taught his Grandma how to WhatsApp video call and chats to her every week to cheer her up.

George in Year 11 has been helping an elderly neighbour with her garden.

Amy Burge Y11 and her mum have made Scrub Bags for NHS workers and delivered them to school.

Jacob in Year 11 is supporting the local community by volunteering at the local pub to help to prepare food for a takeaway service and food box service for his community.

Caitlin in Year 11 spent her Easter Holiday sewing laundry bags for the NHS staff. Some went locally to Evesham hospital and a local Midwife Team as well as 30 to a national NHS Sewing group.

Harvey in Year 10 has built a coop to house chickens to provide his family with a supply of eggs and has taught himself how to care for these chickens. He has planned, dug and built a vegetable patch. He has assisted with the care of his 16 month and 2.5 year old youngest siblings since all nurseries have shut. He has  generated a social media presence for both his parents’ businesses whilst closed and helped update websites.

29th April 2020:
Mrs Bullas hard at work making washable bags for Mrs Kelly’s project to make Scrubs Bags for NHS workers.

28th April 2020:
Francesca has designed a village treasure hunt/orienteering challenge for people in her village to complete whilst they are out taking their daily exercise. It’s really lifted spirits and caught the imagination of the whole community.

27th April 2020:
Lennon has made some amazing pictures to cheer up local children. He has also been writing to his friends so they don’t feel forgotten about.