Y10 Rewards Tea Party


On Thursday, 14th November, some of our Year 10 students were congratulated by Dr Evans and the Senior Team for their hard work and achievements at Prince Henry’s. Students discussed their thoughts about the school and their aspirations after their GCSEs.

Those rewarded are:

Lia Goulding 10H
Lilly-May Greatorex 10F
Emma Price 10B
Olivia Cassey 10Z
Molly Sellick 10W
Charlie Perkins 10M
Elsa-Brooke Burt 10W
Lily Robins 10O
Lily Crowley 10G
Felicity Key 10O
Harry Smart 10D
Marcus Hamer 10G
Oscar Malan 10H
Acey Barrett 10L
Archie Johnson Malvern 10C
Will Purser 10H
Ben leaver 10L
Harvey Branson 10M
Jamie Beeson 10H
Jude Bray 10F
Samuel McNally 10H
Andrew Tilley 10G