Y11 Rewards Tea Party


On Friday, 11th October, some of our Year 11 students were congratulated by Dr Evans and the Senior Team for their hard work and achievements at Prince Henry’s. Students discussed their thoughts about the school and their aspirations after their GCSEs.

Those awarded were:

Seb Sarata
Pheobe Vaquiero
Josh Ellis-Small
Wilhemina Watson-Staite
Charlie Hughes
Olivia Knight
Reece Morgan
Martha Haslam-Cooke
Nathan Gilbert
Grace Bridges
Joshua Lane
Anja Du-Toit
Will Wilson
Lia Scarrott
George Tinson
Eillie Jones
Daniel Barnett
Abigail Ingles
Henry Currie
Megan Belcher
Joshua Underhill
Kiera Smith
Kyle Rothan
Nina Reid