French Exchange 2019

The French Exchange 2019

The French trip to Millau was an unforgettable experience that allowed all of us going to learn and practise more of our French. The family you stay with are extremely welcoming and take pleasure in having an English student staying with them for a week.

Day 1:

On the first day, we all had an early start and needed to be at school for 6 am to catch the coach to Bristol airport. The coach trip was really fun and exciting because none of us really knew what to expect when we got to Millau. We were on the plane for 1 hour and 45 minutes and then finally arrived in France. Once we all got off the plane, we took a mini bus to a beach; we all had so much fun in the sea and playing on the beach.

After about an hour’s drive we arrived in Millau, a beautiful traditional French town, and met up with our pen pals. We all then spent the evening with their family and got to know them a bit more, which was really nice.

Day 2:

Today we had normal lessons, and after we walked through the centre of Millau and to ‘Go Ape’. It was great fun but also quite difficult (it was nice to meet up with our friends from school that went on the trip). We would then spend the evening doing what our pen pal and their family had planned.

Day 3:

This morning we all went to the market, where traditional French foods and items were being sold. After, we went and looked around a museum in Millau and went to see all the amazing sights on top of the Bell Tower (we all took lots of photos!).

We all went back to school and did afternoon lessons with our pen pals and would spend the evening with them; playing sport, a family event or shopping. That evening we all went bowling together which was so much fun and a brilliant way to get to know everyone there.

Day 4-6:

We would all spend the weekend with our pen pals and their family doing what they had planned. Some of us played sports, met up with friends, went on walks or got shown famous buildings and sights in Millau or outside of Millau (such as the Viaduct or a cheese factory). It was really nice to spend time with our pen pal and get to know what they like doing on a daily basis.

Day 7:

It was our last proper day in Millau today. We all got to school for 9 am and had one lesson before we went to famous caves called l’Aven Armand. We went a long way underground and took lots of photos of the amazing sites inside the cave. Once we came out, we all sat down for our picnic that the family had packed us. Went back to school to meet up with our pen pal for the final night with them before we leave tomorrow.

Overall the French trip was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to see our pen pals again when they come over in October 2019!