Year 12 Activity Day

    On Tuesday, Year 12 students enjoyed an action packed activity day at Worcester University Lakeside Campus as part of their Induction programme. They tried a variety of activities including orienteering, raft building and sailing (with varying degrees of success!), kayaking and canoeing; some groups also had a go on a climbing tower and others tried stand up paddle boards. One of the highlights was the Bush Craft session in nearby woods which included building shelters, chopping wood and whittling sticks before building a camp fire and toasting marshmallows. As the day went on the students participating in the water based activities also became increasingly adapt at accidentally-on-purpose capsizing and having a swim!

    As well as having a lot of fun, it was good to see the students challenging themselves to try new activities and push themselves physically. The activities were designed to stretch and challenge them and to develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

    It was a real pleasure to see the students throwing themselves into the different challenges and enjoying themselves; it was also an excellent way for the whole year group to get to know each other better. Our new year 12 busied themselves making new friends, laughing with old friends, working in teams and enjoying each other’s company in different surroundings. A good time was had by all!