Y9 Rewards Tea Party


On Friday, 14th June, some of our Year 9 students were congratulated by Dr Evans and the Senior Team for their efforts with their school work and achievements at Prince Henry’s. Students discussed their thoughts about Prince Henry’s, how they are doing with their studies and their aspirations for the future.

The students are:

Leo Ward 9B
Rumeo De Freitas Pires 9H
Harvey Branson 9M
Robbie Clear 9L
Lawson Walker 9W
Tom Gillard 9H
Daniel Jones 9Z
Archie kelly 9O
Edward Phipps Castro 9G
Liam Webb 9L
Daniel Chalk 9C
Alexander Evans 9F
Annabel Sime 9H
Sophie Webb 9D
Aimee Baker 9Z
Nicola Clabbon 9Z
Niamh Guyll 9B
Honey Jagger 9O
Maddie Miles Kingston 9M
Estella Preedy 9Z
Lucie Roberts 9O
Poppy Frost 9F
Constance Watts 9D