Governor Visit

Once again it was a pleasure to meet with Mrs Baston, Head of Learning Support at Prince Henry’s.

Following on from our meeting in October last year, a great deal has been done to ensure the students at PHHS on the SEN Register are continuing to fulfil their potential. At the time of our meeting, Mrs Baston and her team were busy holding family conversations and annual reviews for each student. This feeding back to parents and keeping the lines of communication open with them is crucial to a child’s development.

Mrs Baston showed us the new Provision Map which has been implemented. As the focus is on quality teaching, it is important for teachers to know how the SEN students are performing in other subjects, as well as any goals other teachers have set them individually and any concerns another teacher may have. The idea of the Provision Map is for it to be a ‘one stop shop’ database which contains the latest information about that student. A dedicated SEN support team member is responsible for keeping this up to date and we were very impressed with how it is working. This system will save precious time for staff and is an instant point of reference for teachers to help this group of students achieve their very best.

A new reading scheme for Year 9 students is being introduced. A focus upon literacy is key, and the new scheme will help boost the reading levels for all Year 9 students.  In addition, a number of students on the SEN register who will be joining Prince Henry’s in Year 9 in September 2019 will receive an extra 5 hours of literacy support per fortnight. These students will also be offered the choice of dropping a Modern Foreign Language option in order to focus upon their literacy skills.

Our thanks to Mrs Baston for a super and informative meeting. Mrs Baston’s care for the SEN students and Prince Henry’s shone through we would like to thank all members of the school’s Learning Support team for their valuable work and commitment.

Mrs Jo Brett (Parent Governor) and Mrs Sue Sollis (Community Governor)
April 2019