Governor Visit: Psychology

Governor Link Visit – Psychology

I had the pleasure of making a Governor Link visit to the Psychology department recently. I observed four lessons and was taken quite by surprise when the fire bell went off – fortunately it was a drill. I was impressed with the thoroughness of Mrs Lancaster’s approach to the Department, seeking to prepare the large numbers of students in this popular sixth form subject with deep understanding of the subject and for their exams. The style of teaching and learning that is encouraged encourages and challenges the students to thoroughly grasp the subject. Mrs Lancaster, as Head of Department, is ably supported by two excellent NQTs – Miss White and Miss Walker, both of whom impressed me. All three teachers excel in their enthusiasm for their subject, their presence in the classroom, their insistence on good discipline, and their ability to engage the students through a variety of means. I appreciated very much the welcome I received and for the way in which all three teachers responded to my queries.

Governor Link Visit – RE

It was good to visit the RE department recently and to observe two fascinating and engaging lessons led by Mrs Short, the Head of Department. The Department generally seem encouraged by the numbers of students who look to be opting for GCSE RE, but also the numbers who are looking to take up A Level RE. The two lessons I observed included a discussion amongst Year 13 students on issues surrounding inclusivism and exclusivism – very relevant in our present social, cultural, political and religious climate. Additionally, the Year 11 lesson involved a very engaged group of students thinking and reflecting around issues to do with pacifism – again a very pertinent issue. I was impressed with the level of questioning, observations, and reflections from the students. The excellent teaching staff in the Department offer a subject that is broad in its scope; touching on profound life issues, philosophical questions, social concerns, as well as religious and spiritual matters.

Rev Dr Edward Pillar
Community Governor
13th March 2019