Safeguarding Visit


Last week I met with Mr Freeman, Designated Safeguarding Lead, who briefed me on a number of safeguarding issues that Mr Freeman has been working on since our last meeting.

Firstly, the Government has updated the statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education” (September 2018). Mr Freeman has updated the school’s Safeguarding Policy as a result of the revised guidance. Whilst the document is not dramatically different, all staff have been briefed on the changes and underwent safeguarding training at the beginning of the term.

Mr Freeman also advised me that he had recently attended a safeguarding conference presented by a senior OFSTED Inspector entitled “How OFSTED inspects the culture of safeguarding in schools”.

Finally, I carried out a brief audit of the Single Central Register, (the register of appointments for all staff). I am pleased to report that all was in order and there were no issues.

Thank you to Mr Freeman and his team for the safeguarding work that they do.

Clare Rimell