UCAS Fair: Year 12 Visit

UCAS Higher Education Exhibition

100 Year 12 students attended the Higher Education exhibition at the University of Worcester on 22nd March to begin their research into the opportunities that they have post A levels. With over 120 exhibitors there were lots of different stalls offering a wide range of options for the students to consider. The vast majority were representatives from universities and colleges but there were also exhibitors giving information about apprenticeships and internships as well as representatives from the Armed Forces. UCAS experts were also on hand to answer questions about the more general aspects of applying to university. The students all came away heavily laden with prospectuses from the different institutions as well as other promotional goodies: post-its, pens, bags, confectionery and of course fluffy logobugs.

The exhibition marks the beginning of the careers process for year 12. We hope that they will read through all the materials that they have gathered and begin to consider the different types of courses and opportunities on offer. When they return from study leave in June we will have our internal Next Step Conference at which they will attend talks and workshops delivered by universities, colleges, employers, and providers of apprenticeships, internships and gap years. There will also be a talk about Higher Education Applications for parents in June. Following this their tutors will use form time to deliver other aspects of our careers programme and to help students who are looking at university to begin their application process. Mr Martin, the tutor team and I are looking forward to helping our year 12 students navigate through their options.

Mrs C Webb
Head of Sixth Form