Music Challenge


Mr Bullas and Miss Heywood are raising money for the Trust High School Music Department in Kabubbu, Uganda.

Over Easter 2016, Miss Heywood visited and taught at Trust High School in Kabubbu, Uganda. She was shocked to see how ill-equipped the Music Department was, especially given that they taught classes of 50 students at a time. They didn’t even have enough recorders for one each. They only owned one or two of their local instruments and their set of drums had been stolen.

She returned to England having purchased two Africa fiddles for the grand total of £7.50. The germ of an idea was born: to raise money for the Quicken Trust that the Trust High School could use to buy instruments out in Africa, where the money would go so much further.

She challenged Mr Bullas to teach her the trumpet and to allow her to teach him viola, with the idea that they should take Grade 1 in the summer of 2018. Never one to do things by halves, Mr Bullas immediately said he would aim for Grade 3, and Miss Heywood agreed to follow suit. The challenge was on!!

Please support and motivate us by donating to this worthy cause!

The justgiving weblink is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phhs-grade3-challenge