Much Ado (Show Trailer)


Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s school production of, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Students are working hard learning their lines and dance moves in preparation for one of Shakespeare’s popular comedies.

The play tells the story of Beatrice (Emily Moss) and Benedick (Pete Brookman) who despite a very public  ‘skirmish of wit between them’ are indeed fond of each other and have been in love before. However, they want everyone to think that they do not like the other and that marriage is not for them. All this changes when the Prince of Aragon, Don Pedro (Jake Draper), Claudio (Adam Haycock) and Leonato (Edward Davey) decide to play a trick on their friend so that his feelings towards Beatrice change. Similarly the girls, Hero (Niamh Smit) and Ursula (Jess Thompson) play a trick on Beatrice. As a result, Benedick decides he will be ‘horribly in love with her’ and Beatrice decides that she will indeed ‘love on’.

Don John (Jonny Deakin), Borachio (Oliver Denning) and Conrade (Cameron Muir) hatch a couple of plots that will ‘prove food’ to Don John’s displeasure in order to destroy the love between ‘the exquisite’ Claudio and Hero by using Margaret (Abbie James) to ruin the wedding plans.

Throw into the mix Dogberry (Archie Biltcliffe) with an inflated view of his own importance and his sidekick Verges (Liam Clear) alongside ‘The Watch’ and comedy ensues.

With live music provided by our very own school band and pit singers, a masked ball and a beautiful Italian landscape, get your tickets now for a night that we hope you will thoroughly enjoy!

Mrs M Cook
Producer and Director