Business & Economics


There are three specialist teachers within the Business and Economics Department. The courses offered follow traditional GCSE and A Level specifications. Lessons are taught in a computer room, a large classroom and a seminar room.


Business is a popular optional subject and is studied at GCSE level following the Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) specification 1BS0. There are two themes. Theme 1 is taught in Year 10 and is an introduction to small business. It provides a framework for pupils to explore core concepts through the lens of an entrepreneur setting up a business. Pupils will develop mathematical skills to support, inform and justify business decisions. Theme 2 is taught predominantly in Year 11 and explores business in a national and global context.


The A Level Business course offered is the AQA 7132 linear course. In Year 12 students gain a detailed insight into the functional areas of business: finance, marketing, human resources and operations. In Year 13 the emphasis is on strategy in a local, national and international context.  Teaching is shared between two members of staff.

The A Level Economics course follows the Edexcel 9EC0 specification. There are two themes studied in Year 12 in which students gain an understanding of how markets work and why they fail. Current macroeconomic issues are also investigated such as economic growth, employment and inflation.  In Year 13 the focus is on business economics and the global economy. An awareness of the current economic climate is strengthened by participation in national financial competitions. Teaching is shared between two members of staff.

Head of Department Mr N Dick
Teaching Staff Mrs F Habgood
Mrs J Tozer (Head of Careers)
July 2019