Multi-Academy Trust News

Update regarding MAT (December 2015)

I am writing to inform you of an important development in our Multi-Academy Trust conversion process. Unfortunately, our legal advisers have made us aware that at the current time, should we proceed with the MAT conversion, our Trust would have to take on liabilities potentially caused by  previous work undertaken by the Local Authority within any of the MAT schools.  As the MAT cannot be indemnified against this, following a meeting of all the Headteachers involved in the conversion process, it was unanimously agreed that we should suspend the conversion, pending a satisfactory resolution of this important issue.

This doesn’t mean that we will not convert; it means that we will only convert when the proper indemnities have been put into place.

Meanwhile, all the schools involved are continuing to work together and we are intending to develop all the curriculum, teaching, assessment and learning opportunities that the MAT potentially brings.  When the legal situation has been resolved, I will update you further.

Alexander Hulse (MAT Operations Manager)

MAT Update (September 2015)

We are still very much on track to form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with six schools within our pyramid and we are still hopeful of an anticipated conversion date of November 1st 2015.  The schools hoping to convert with us include, Ashton Under Hill First, St Egwin’s CE Middle, Cropthorne with Charlton CE First, Church Lench CE First, Eckington First and St Andrew’s CE First.

We have built an infrastructure to support the MAT and Mr Alan Roberts who retired as Deputy Headteacher with us last year is taking on a new role to support the operational function of the Multi Academy Trust over the next twelve months.  I am personally delighted that Mr Roberts is staying on with us and I am very sure we will see some enormous advantages in becoming a Multi Academy Trust over the years to come.  I want to reassure parents that by becoming a Multi Academy Trust, it will not change Prince Henry’s at all.  Rather, we will be able to collaboratively link together and achieve a greater economy of scale in financially difficult times to put the best resources in place for all of our students in our pyramid. 

MAT Progress Update (December 2014)

Since September, a lot of progress has been made towards the formation of the Multi Academy Trust.

Consultations with staff, parents and the wider community have now run at all of the converting schools and feedback received will be considered by the Governing Bodies of each school to help inform their continued involvement in the project.

Following this consultation, we are delighted to announce that the Department for Education has formally approved the formation of the MAT and issued the necessary Academy Orders for the seven converting schools, allowing the necessary legal work for conversion to begin.

In other good news, Eckington CE First School has also joined the initial seven schools in applying to the DfE to become an Academy as part of the PHHS MAT – the outcome of their application will be known shortly.

In the New Year,  governors of the joining schools will be reviewing the governance structures as they are proposed to appear under the MAT

Overall, progress is being made in a measured, thought-out way, to ensure that when conversion hopefully takes place in September 2015 for the joining schools, they find themselves in a prime position to continue to provide the best possible education for our children.

See our original MAT Press Release (September 2014)