Homework: Philosophy, Ethics and Religion


  • Homework is a vital part of pupil’s progress, as they learn to work more independently and reinforce the skills they have acquired in the classroom.
  • We endorse the school’s policy that emphasises the need for homework to be relevant and stimulating as well as the need for it to be regularly marked.
  • All homework should be written in homework diaries as well as put on SMH to help pupils organise themselves and to give parents more opportunity to support their child.
  • It is essential that ALL pupils use SMH.

Year 9

  • Homework will be set every week on the allotted day, for 30 minutes.
  • Tasks will be set that reinforce work done in class, stretch pupils learning and encourage them to reflect on what they have done.
  • Often these tasks will be written work in their RE books, but it may also be research, art work etc.
  • Where possible we will offer the pupils the chance to choose how to present their work – this may, where appropriate, be in different formats, for example diagrams, bullet points.
  • Pupils will complete two more formal assessments which will be used to help us judge levels that pupils are working at.
  • We understand that different children take different amounts of time to complete the same pieces of work – with this in mind, if a pupils is struggling to complete work we would ask that a parent/carer signs their book to show that they have completed the allotted amount of time – 30 minutes.


  • Homework should be set according to the homework timetable – this will involve 3 x 30 minutes every 2 weeks.
  • Pupils are often required to complete GCSE style questions as a way of using material learnt in lessons to practise the skills that will be required in exams.
  • It is important that pupils make use of the work we have done in lessons to help them complete tasks and not simply do it off the ‘top of their heads’.
  • Other work may include research, drawing up strengths and weaknesses with ideas, offering their own point of view on an issue and watching relevant material on the internet. All work will be put on SMH.
  • Pupils will complete end of unit assessments which will use GCSE questions and will be marked in accordance to GCSE levels.

AS/A Level

  • Independent study is a crucial aspect of studying A Levels and students are expected to dedicate a substantial amount of time to work outside of the classroom.
  • Materials will be provided on PHHSLive for students to use to support the work they complete in the lessons.
  • Students are also encouraged to read through their class notes in between lessons to help cement the work.
  • Homework will include reading from their text book and making notes for use for essays, writing essays and completing other relevant written tasks. Homework may also include watching relevant material on the internet to discuss in lessons.  All work will be put on SMH.

Supporting your son/daughter
We strongly recommend that parents and carers take an interest in their son/daughter’s homework and make use of the SMH facility. We understand that different children take different amounts of time to complete tasks and would suggest that parents monitor the length of time taken so that sufficient time is spent but not an excessive amount of time. We recognise the importance of family time and for pupils to attend clubs and other commitments outside of school.