Homework: Citizenship

Homework activities

We aim to use a range of homework activities:

  • Online quizzes – these quizzes are located on PHHSLive and monitor pupil progress over the different topics which are covered.
  • Research – many areas of the Citizenship curriculum require a good knowledge and understanding of current events. Research homework tasks may involve watching news broadcasts, exploring media online or investigating organisational structures.
  • Answering exam questions – these are a regular homework designed to help students understand the exam criteria and to develop their exam technique. They often mark their answers using the mark scheme and model answers as a guide.
  • Revision for tests – this type of homework is often used as we complete topics; its aim is to give students time to consolidate their understanding and to build up a body of knowledge.


How much homework is set?

Homework is set 1 time per fortnight, students are expected to take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete a homework task.  All homework tasks are recorded on Show My Homework.