YEAR 9 (KS3)

Year 9 pupils are divided into 11 mixed ability Tutor Groups taking into account friendship groups, a mixture of pupils from various Middle Schools and a full range across all abilities. They will stay in these forms for the next three years with the same form tutor, if that is possible.

The Tutor will help them settle into the school, advise them through important stages of their school career and show concern for their personal and academic progress and welfare.

For teaching purposes pupils are divided into three ‘Abbey’ groups, Evesham, Pershore and Tewkesbury. Each group covers the full ability range, and departments are then left free to organise the teaching groups which suit them best. Most prefer upper, middle and lower ability sets. This makes it possible for a particular child to be in, for example, middle sets for most lessons but an upper set for a subject in which he or she does particularly well. It is therefore a flexible system which enables the academic needs of a particular child to be considered.

All Year 9 pupils follow a common curriculum which includes the subject areas of the National Curriculum – English, Maths, Science, Technology, History, Geography, French, Art, Information Technology, Music, Physical Education, Personal and Social Education, Citizenship, German or Spanish, and Religious Education.

YEARS 10 AND 11 (KS4)

In Years 10 and 11 the Abbey groups are replaced by teaching groups based on the particular subjects which the pupils opt to study.

Most pupils prepare for GCSE and/or BTEC examinations in Years 10 and 11. The curriculum consists of a common core of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science (a variety of courses which include Triple – or separate – sciences for some pupils), a Modern Foreign Language, Physical Education, Information Technology and a Personal and Social Education course (which includes religious and moral education, and citizenship). The remaining time is filled by the pupils’ own choices from a varied selection of optional subjects.

A separate Course Booklet is issued to all Year 9 pupils in the Spring Term giving details of all Year 10 and 11 subjects. The Options booklet is accessible via the Parents & Students area of the website.

All pupils in Year 11 have at least one week’s experience of work, which takes place during the Autumn Term.


Over the years the Sixth Form at Prince Henry’s has become one of the largest in the West Midlands. Its reputation has been established not only on the strength of outstanding AS and A Level results and the number of students entering Higher Education but also on the contributions which Sixth Formers make to the life of the school and the community.

Prince Henry’s also runs its own Study Skills Programme for Sixth Formers. This is delivered during registration and involves a range of activities which encourage students to take initiatives and responsibility. Year 12 students take part in an enrichment programme where visiting speakers offer advice on issues such as driving, working, health and travel opportunities. The students are also offered the opportunity to participate in a range of activities such as ‘Survival Cooking’ and photography.

A full list of the AS Level courses which are available to study is given within the Sixth Form area of this website, together with details of the entry criteria, application process and extra-curricular and electives opportunities.

Further details of all Sixth Form courses may be found in the separate Sixth Form Prospectus available from the school.

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