Year 12 Literature Visit to Haworth


The annual English department visit to ‘Brontë Country’ in West Yorkshire took place on November 2nd; the year 12 Literature students and 3 members of the English Department had an early start to travel to Stanbury, West Yorkshire.  Our bus driver left us beside the famous Haworth Moor and we set off into the wilderness, walking five miles to visit first the ruined farmhouse, ‘Top Withens’, believed to have been the inspiration for Wuthering Heights and then back to civilisation via the Brontë waterfall.  The weather was glorious and sunny so there was not much ‘wuthering’ although the moors were muddy and still rather bleak so created a wonderful sense of the natural environment encapsulated in the Brontë novels.

After lunch in Haworth, we had the opportunity to look around the Parsonage and see all the Brontë artefacts including costumes, set designs and props from the recent BBC drama about the lives of the Brontës.  The students were given a very informative talk about the background to the Brontës and specifically the context of ‘Jane Eyre’ by the education team at the Parsonage.  There was also an opportunity to visit some of the tourist shops in Haworth where many of the buildings which the Brontës would have visited remain unchanged.  A guided tour of  the main sites connected with the Brontë family in the town to gain further insight into the influences on the writing of the sisters completed a very inspiring and interesting day ‘up North’ before the journey home to Evesham.

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