Nigel Huddleston Visit


We were delighted to welcome Nigel Huddleston, our local MP, back to Prince Henry’s this morning. During his visit, Mr Huddleston spoke to our Sixth Form during an extended assembly with a two-way question and answer session. Students asked questions relating to a wide range of issues including relations with America and Europe, environmental matters, and education. The MP also took the opportunity to ask his own questions, gauging the opinions of his audience on a variety of current affairs topics, including student tuition fees.

Mr Huddleston also had the opportunity to meet some members of the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Department and other staff and discuss with them the key issues relating to education currently, as well as a more detailed discussion with Dr Evans, Mrs Wood and Mr Freeman. The critical and ongoing issue of school funding within Worcestershire schools was at the top of the agenda. The National Funding Formula is still under consultation, and although initial indications are that Worcestershire will see an increase to funding, there is still much to be done to remedy the underfunding we have experienced for many years. We are grateful to Mr Huddleston for his continued championing of this vital matter and for the work he is doing in parliament, with ministers and the Department for Education to try to ensure a positive outcome for schools in our area.